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Shipping and Payment


Orders made before 2 pm are dispatched on the same working day. (Monday-Friday, availability required). 

During the ordering process, please choose whether we send your order directly to your house or to another address you have specified. As soon as your order has been dispatched, you will receive a dispatch confirmation by email, in which you will find your tracking number and a link to DHL package tracking.

Once your package has been transferred to DHL we have no further control over the rest of the process.


Shipping costs

Country Delivery time

Shipping costs for customer (including the applicable VAT)

Albania 15-18 Days 9.90 €
Andorra 3-7 Days  9.90 €
Austria 2-4 Days  < 39 € Order value = 3.90 € 
> 39 € Order value = Free shipping 
Belgium 2-4 Days  9.90 € 
Bosnia and Herzegovina 11-14 Days  9.90 € 
Bulgaria 3-7 Days  9.90 €  
Croatia 2-5 Days  9.90 €  
Cyprus 9-13 Days  9.90 €  
Czech Republic 2-5 Days 9.90 €  
Denmark 2-5 Days  9.90 €  
Estonia 3-6 Days  9.90 €  
Finland 3-6 Days  9.90 €  
France 2-4 Days  < 39 € Order value = 4.90 € 
> 39 € Order value = Free shipping
Germany 1-3 Days  Free shipping
Gibraltar 3-9 Days  9.90 €  
Greece 5-9 Days  9.90 €  
Guernsey 2-5 Days  9.90 €  
Hungary 3-5 Days  9.90 €  
Iceland 4-8 Days  9.90 €  
Ireland 3-6 Days  9.90 €  
Italy 2-4 Days  < 39 € Order value = 5.90 € 
> 39 € Order value = Free shipping 
Jersey 2-5 Days  9.90 €  
Latvia 3-7 Days 9.90 €  
Liechtenstein 2-4 Days  9.90 €  
Lithuania 3-7 Days  9.90 €  
Luxembourg 2-4 Days  9.90 €  
Malta 3-7 Days  9.90 €  
Macedonien 5-9 Days  9.90 €  
Moldova 5-9 Days  9.90 €  
Monaco 3-6 Days  9.90 €  
Montenegro 4-8 Days  9.90 €  
The Netherlands 2-4 Days  9.90 €  
Norway 4-7 Days  9.90 €  
Poland 2-5 Days  9.90 €  
Portugal 4-7 Days  9.90 €  
Romania 3-6 Days  9.90 €  
San Marino 5-10 Days  9.90 €  
Serbia 7-11 Days  9.90 €  
Slovakia 3-5 Days  9.90 €  
Slovenia 3-5 Days  9.90 €  
Spain (Mainland) 4-7 Days  < 39 € Order value = 5.90 € 
> 39 € Order value = Free shipping
Spain (Canary Islands) 4-9 Days 9.90 €  
Sweden 3-5 Days  9.90 €  
Switzerland 3-6 Days  9.90 €  
Turkey 9-17 Days  9.90 €  
Ukraine 9-13 Days  9.90 €  
Vatican City 5-8 Days  9.90 €  
Other countries up to 30 Days 34.90 €

Additional duties, taxes and fees may apply for deliveries to non-EU countries.
Shipping costs for resellers: please request. 



If you wish to make a return, please contact us beforehand using the contact form. Information about cancellation can be found under Right of Cancellation. Information about the voluntary right of return can be found in the GTC. Please send the goods to our returns warehouse at the address Vitamaze GmbH, Returns, Weberstraße 6, 69120 Heidelberg, Germany. 



You have the following payment options (depending on the availability per country):

Payment in advance

This payment method allows you to pay the amount conveniently at your bank or via your online banking (payable within 14 days). The order is dispatched once we have received the payment in our account. Until the payment has been received in our account, the goods will be reserved for a maximum of 7 days for you. However, no guarantee can be provided for this reservation, errors excepted. If you use the advance payment method to order, you will receive an automatic confirmation by email. At the same time, you will also receive a separate email with the payment details from our payment processor for advance payments, "Komfortkasse". Data is transferred solely for the purposes of payment processing. When transferring payments, please enter the information contained therein as the reason for the payment.

SOFORT Überweisung

Pay directly with ease through your online banking. Once you have placed your order, you will be passed on directly to IMMEDIATE transfer in order to make payment. Our Partner Stripe Inc. is responsible for processing this payment. You will be charged immediately after the order. Data is transferred solely for the purposes of payment processing. Stripe is certified under the EU and Swiss-American Privacy Shield and ensures adequate data protection.

Credit cards

Pay directly with ease using your credit card. Our Partner Stripe Inc. is responsible for processing this payment. You will be charged immediately after the order. Data is transferred solely for the purposes of payment processing. Stripe is certified under the EU and Swiss-American Privacy Shield and ensures adequate data protection.


Easy to pay with your existing PayPal account. So you do not have to re-enter your details and can easily settle your order via PayPal.


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