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Engagement: Vitamaze supports genuine projects of the heart

“How do we want to live?” This central question determines the thoughts and actions of Vitamaze. Living together fairly, with happiness and comfort – that is what is important to us, as well as adequate production conditions and futureproof decisions. For that reason, we like to support societies and institutions that share these values.

Our main project: GemüseAckerdemie – Tilling the soil for education and nutrition

For a generation that knows what it eats!

We have been supporting the GemüseAckerdemie​ (Germany) since the beginning of 2020: a place of learning for the school children of our hometown Heidelberg (Germany), where kids can learn how to grow their own vegetables on the school-owned field. They can learn how to sow and care for plants, they feel what it is like to feel the moist earth between their fingers, they learn to recognize when a certain plant needs to be cared for carefully, and they watch when and how often to water their vegetables so that it can survive. Plus, they know what it is like to care for something the whole year round and to reap the benefits of their own work – like a freshly harvested radish.

The GemüseAckerdemie wants to support the feeling of responsibility, teamwork and self-efficacy of children. The aim of the program: school children learn to develop appreciation for vegetables and food as a whole, learn to get in touch with nature, develop a healthier nutrition, act more responsibly and more balanced by working in the fresh air. Vitamaze will support this project of the heart over the next four years with a large five-figure sum, so that the GemüseAckerdemie can be established at five elementary schools in Heidelberg (Germany).


Projects in 2019

2019 Vitamaze donated a five-figure sum to these seven projects that aim to make the world and environment a little warmer, more cooperative and cleaner. 

Ozeankind e.V. against plastic waste (Germany)

The energetic environmental organization Ozeankind e.V.​ collects plastic waste from the oceans around the world. What impressed us: Both founders Marina and Micha changed from their “regular” working job to a life equipped only with a backpack. Today, they are planning international and local cleanups and recycling projects. Over the past two years they and their supporters (many children among them) have already collected and recycled 50,000 kg waste.

Viva con Aqua de Sankt Pauli e.V.: Clean drinking water around the world (Germany)

The society ​Viva con Aqua​ aims to make clean drinking water available for everyone. Their projects in Africa and Asia are sustainable and include the building of wells, sanitary and hygiene-related facilities, courses and education in their supported communities.

Kinderhospitz Sterntaler e.V. (Germany)

The society ​Kinderhospiz Sterntaler e.V.​ from Mannheim supports children, young adults and their families that suffer from a life-shortening illness. Their employees offer in-house care for children, grief counselling, family support, day care, and inpatient hospice.

Christliches Hospiz Ostsachsen (Germany)

The non-profit society of the Diakonisches Werk includes the stationary hospice “Siloah” in Herrnhut as well as the inpatient hospice service Löbau-Zittau. Their employees offer care, courage and compassion to the sick and their families.

Sonnenstrahl e.V. (Germany)

The parents‘ society ​Sonnenstrahl e.V. ​Dresden cares for children, young adults, and their families that suffer from cancer during their intense therapy and beyond: families get support, different supplies, education and care. They learn to live with this burdensome situation and to overcome their challenges.

Wünschewagen of the ASB Deutschland e.V. (Germany)

The ​Wünschewagen ​(literally “car of wishes“) drives people that suffer from fatal illness to their favorite place together with their families and friends. We support this non-profit project that is solely supported by donations. More than 1,500 wishes have already come true.

Caritaswerkstadt Weinheim (Germany)

An employment at the Caritaswerkstatt Weinheim offers a chance for the psychologically ill to gain more self-esteem, participation and quality of life. This workshop is only a couple of kilometers away from our headquarters in Heidelberg, and we package part of our wares (GYMGEARS products) here. Additional donations are allocated by the workshop’s council, meaning members of the team that can freely decide to use it for expeditions or Christmas gifts, for example.


Past projects

Bread for the world: Finally enough to eat thanks to the millet from the Andes – quinoa

The Spanish conquerors viewed the quinoa in Peru, western South America, as the bidding of the devil. However, this millet from the Andes is rich in proteins and minerals. Today, it supports the healthy nutrition of small farmers and helps them gain a better income. Vitamaze has supported a workshop for 50 people that teaches how to use traditional agricultural crops. We financed 32 kg quinoa seeds (for 8 hectares of land) as well as a rain water cistern (10 cubic meters).

Strong for Lima

Vitamaze supported a school that actively seeks out children. Children that live in the poor quarters of Lima, whose daily life is full of hopelessness, insecurity and in many cases violence. These are the children that Xandra Pantoja wants to help with her school in the quarters of Pamplona Alta, because she herself knows how important a good education is in a society that is characterized by a mostly white, educated upper class in contrast to a lower class of indigenous, neglected people. It is well documented that the income of a person in Peru correlates positively with their education. 

Against hunger in the world: cocoa makes happy

The poor families in the countryside do not profit from the new riches in Peru. They suffer from chronic malnourishment, do not have secure access to drinking water, electricity or basic sanitary needs. Many cut and sell wood in order to survive. Helping Peru sustainably: deforestation has damaged the rainforest of Peru heavily. Now farmers are participating in reforestation. Vitamaze has supported instructional courses for the growing of cocoa for nine groups of farmers in Peru, raised their standard of living and has protected the environment in doing so.


Photo: istockphoto.com | Farknot_Architect

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